Due Diligence

Due Diligence report

Company Professional Due Diligence

Legal and compliance.

At this stage we check all company documents, check the necessary approvals, company structure, KYC, AML and company policies


Product and Company

We check the company’s product, development phases, staff involved, deadlines and working method.

Scam and Safety report

In this phase we verify the identity of those who own the project / site, in some cases a security audit is necessary, we verify the announced partnerships and the management of the project.

Founders, team and advisors report

We verify the identity of the founding members, of the team, of the advisors, of the contact data. We will make a qualitative report about all those involved in the project.

Revenue model analyze

We analyze the company’s figures, revenues, expenses, salaries, investments, market potential, to determine if the business model is sustainable.

Competitors and Market report

We will make a detailed analysis of the market in which the product operates, we will analyze the competitors and their figures we will elaborate a report.

Road map and development

We will analyze the work schedule and determine if the objectives are realistic or if changes are needed.


PR and Marketing report

We will study the marketing plan and pr, we will evaluate the team that deals with marketing and we will prepare a complete report.

Website audit

An audit of the website will be performed by a specialized team.

Social media report

We will analyze the impact in social media, presence on social media channels, facebook, twitter, medium, linkedin, discord and other media channels.


We will make an analysis of the company’s potential and strengthen the strengths for potential investors.

Privacy policy

All reports made by Blockfied are confidential, they will not be made public or offered to other clients. Also, our clients have the obligation to comply with the NDA agreement. 

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