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Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets for WordPress


The Bitcoin and Altcoin Wallets WordPress plugin lets you create websites with cryptocurrency wallets. Your users can now deposit, withdraw, exchange and use a large number of cryptocurrencies in multiple ways.  You can choose to use a full node wallet (or wallets) that only you control, OR you can use a third-party wallet service for greater convenience. Multiple wallets can be used together in a way that is seamless to the end user. The trading and matching engines based on the cutting edge technologies guarantee quick deposits and withdrawals as well as order book performance.


  • Use shortcodes or widgets to display interactive forms, where users can initiate transactions. Users can deposit/withdraw funds to and from the blockchain, or transfer funds to other users on the platform. Transactions are stored on custom MySQL tables on your WordPress DB server.
  • Transactions can be confirmed via an email link for security.
  • Users can be notified about the status of their transactions via messages sent over email, or with the BuddyPress plugin. The admin can edit the templates of these messages.
  • Admin has control of all internal transactions.

Admin can use WordPress capabilities to control which user roles can perform what types of operations.

  • A cold storage feature helps you to keep only a percentage of your funds offline, for additional security.
  • All crypto amounts are also shown in equivalent amounts in fiat currencies for convenience. Exchange rates are loaded from various sources including custom sources.
  • The main styling features of the UIs can be easily controlled using WordPress Customizer.
  • All UIs are translatable via .po files, and modifiable via WordPress filters. HTML classes make CSS styling very easy for all UIs. Additionally, the templates for the UIs can be copied into your theme or child theme where the markup can be modified to suit your theme.
  • Transactions can be initiated programmatically from PHP, or via a JSON API.
  • Transactions can be exported to CSV and later re-imported.
  • Transaction auditing can be easily performed if the SimpleHistory plugin is installed.
  • Admin can control the fees that users pay to the site, as they perform transactions.

Coin Adapters

  • Connect to various types of full-node wallets or third-party wallets, using freely available Coin Adapters. Coin adapters are available for free from the dashed-slug website. Connect to:
    • Bitcoin and Bitcoin-like wallets
    • Monero and other cryptonote wallets
    • the CoinPayments.net third party service, which supports many popular coins including some ERC-20 tokens
    • Deposits and withdrawals of fiat currencies are possible via bank transfer
    • More coin adapters coming soon

Need help choosing between available coin adapters? See here.

App extensions

  • Premium App Extensions provide additional functionality on top of the plugin. The following extensions are available to premium members:
    • Exchange extension – lets you create your own cryptocurrency markets with market and limit orders. A chart of local marketplace prices is shown using the third party techan.js library. Orders can be controlled programmatically from PHP or the JSON-API.
    • ShapeShift extension – Use the ShapeShift third-party platform to allow your users to exchange their crypto.
    • WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway extension – allows your users to pay for shopping carts in WooCommerce, using their crypto balances. Multi-vendor marketplace integration is offered via the third-party WC Marketplace plugin.
    • Tip the Author extension – allows your users to pay your authors tips on their articles. There is integration with the DW Question & Answer plugin. Use it to create a StackOverflow-like QA site, where users can receive cryptocurrency tips for their answers from other users.
    • Faucet extension – use CAPTCHAs to distribute a coin at regular intervals and thus retain loyal visitors. This extension includes a built-in referral system.
    • Airdrop extension – distribute a coin via an “airdrop”. The amount given to each user can depend on their existing balances and can be limited to specific WordPress user roles.
    • Event Manager extension – A payment gateway that allows you to sell bookings/tickets for events and get paid in cryptocurrencies.


Pricing and Availability


The app extensions are available to paying members. Membership gives access to continued plugin updates and to support. Please see membership plans and pricing. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

More info / Support

  • The plugin was introduced in January 2017 on wordpress.org.
  • Accompanying PDF manual documents plugin’s details and advanced features.
  • Support is offered over the forums here and here, or via email. All enquiries are answered at least once per day, Monday to Friday, or more often if needed. There is an active user community on the forums.
  • The plugin and its extensions all have
    • installation instructions
    • troubleshooting tips
    • FAQ
  • Developers can use the existing APIs to extend the plugin. Code snippets, how-to guides, and assistance, are available to developers who are interested to develop solutions on top of this plugin.

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