Biki Exchange
Biki Exchange

About the company

Founded in August 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, is a global digital currency trading service provider. With a strong technical team and operations team, the platform is committed to creating the safest, most stable and efficient digital currency trading platform for users around the world. At present, it has supported many languages ​​such as Chinese and English, and serves nearly 100 countries and regions, with over 2 million users worldwide. BiKi has launched a subversive ” mining, buying back and destroying, rising and falling” model where 100% of the platform fee was used to repurchase the platform currency and destroyed them. Du Jun, the former co-founder of Huobi and the founder of Golden Finance, has jointly participated in the establishment of, and personally invested 5 million US dollars and served as the co-CEO of May 2019, announced the official appointment of its Southeast Asia CEO, Mr. Ethan Ng.

Trading Fees

Token-to-token Trading: 0.15% of the trade amount will be charged

Recharge:Free for recharge

Withdrawal fees:

USDT minimum withdrawal 5USDT, withdrawal fees 5USDT/per trade

BTC minimum withdrawal 0.001BTC, withdrawal fees 0.001BTC/per trade

ETH minimum withdrawal 0.01 ETH, withdrawal fees 0.01 ETH / per trade

BIKI minimum withdrawal 200BIKI, withdrawal fees 200BIKI / per trade

EOS minimum withdrawal 0.5EOS, withdrawal fees 0.5EOS/per trade

BCH minimum withdrawal 0.01BCH, withdrawal fees 0.01BCH/per trade

XRP minimum withdrawal 8XRP, withdrawal fees 8XRP/per trade

ETC minimum withdrawal 0.5ETC, withdrawal fees 0.5ETC/per trade

LTC minimum withdrawal 0.1LTC, withdrawal fees 0.1LTC/per trade

Other token withdrawal fees: The minimum withdrawal is 60 RMB, and tokens worth 10-30 RMB will be charged. The fee may vary due to token fluctuations.

OTC trading: Free of charge now. In the event of change, the official announcement and the actual page display will prevail.