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About Blockfied

Blockfied is a Hub that brings together the most important companies and personalities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

On the Blockfied platform you will find listed the most important cryptocurrency exchanges, the most important crypto currencies, software companies, advisors, law firms, payment processors, banks and banking service providers, online newspapers and publications, influencers and personalities in the industry. trading and arbitrage solutions. Each company profile will have a blockchain stamp to confirm the authenticity of the data and complete data about the company, founders and contact method.

Blockfied is an interactive platform, our users will have the opportunity to interact directly with the companies listed on Blockfied. Our users will be able to access services directly on our site, will be able to make payments, will be able to trade crypto currencies, will be able to sign smart contracts for services, will be able to make reservations and set up virtual meetings. Everything in complete safety

Mr. Mihai Daniel Marius is the Founder of Blockfied Over 4 years of experience in the Blockchain and crypto industry, being CEO of Coinsby he has developed partnerships with the largest crypto exchanges, token projects, software development companies, PR, marketing, payment gateways and much more. Blockfied is an ambitious project that aims to increase the level of transparency and trust in the industry.

Bilal Arshad Co Founder